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We breed only the Mini size English Goldendoodles!

Puppies raised from the heart!

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We are proud to be a Canadian Breeder of the Mini English Goldendoodle! They make a wonderful addition to your family!

The Mini English Goldendoodle has an amazing ability to be a therapeutic dog, along with being a great family companion dog.  The combination of their traits make them an exceptional choice for a therapy dog,  the  English Goldendoodle can provide affection, comfort, support and love for children and adults with physical or emotional disabilities.

Once your puppy is born, we keep you updated every two weeks with photos and and progress.   At 6 wks. we invite you for a visit with your puppy, then at 8 wks. we will let you know when pick-up day for you to to come get him/her and take your puppy home.

We can ship a puppy to you, through-out Canada or USA, as well as, organizing a flight,  and delivering him/her to our international airport (Halifax Stanfield) . Organizing this is on us!

If you’ve purchased a puppy we will deliver him/her for you to Halifax, Dartmouth, Yarmouth, and South Shore.

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Thank you for your interest in our puppies!

There's no Doodle like a Dream Doodle!!
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