About Us

Our home is in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia near the shores of the phenomenal Bay of Fundy.  We are located on the valley floor between the North and South Mountains, In the small community of Tremont.  My husband and I have both lived in Nova Scotia for our entire lives, we have raised our three girls here.  My husband and I both grew up on small mixed farms with cows and horses, and as a teenager I worked on a large hog farm, animals have always been a part of my life.  My love for animals has inspired me to become a breeder of the remarkable Australian Labradoodle. When I started the search for a dog, the beautiful colors of the dog captured my attention, so from their I started to research the breed and spent many hrs. reading all i could along with having a puppy that taught me so much, after having the first Australian Labradoodle for a year, i decided to add another one, then a Multi-Gen Designer Goldendoodle as well.  I truly enjoy my dogs everyday, and look forward to sharing the joy of these dogs with other families.   They are the most funfilled dog i have ever met and they want to be with their family and do whatever they can to please them. 

 No-one can help not to laugh at their funny antics,  that will put a smile on your face everyday.   Our dogs follow us everywhere we go and they love to share our treats, keep us company and sleep on our bed with us too.   They are a big part of our lives! 

Our 50 acres of woods, fields and streams is a great space for the dogs to run, play, and get the exercise and fresh air they need and desire.  My goal is to produce the best possible puppies for health and temperament that i can and to provide families with this wonderful breed of dog.

The Australian Labradoodle and English Goldendoodle are very intelligent, easily trained, loving, funny and a exuberant family member. They are a true companion dog.  These dogs are also known for being allergy friendly with a non-shedding coat.

Our dogs are raised in our home with my husband and I.  We have visits almost daily from our girls and grandchildren.  There is no lack of love and socialization for our dogs from our five grandchildren, our girls, and the rest of our many family members, the dogs love it, they are amazingly social dogs

The dogs love to go for walks through the woods, play and get wet in the streams, as well as they love to go for a drive in the truck.     

 I am so excited to start this new adventure of breeding these very special dogs.  

 Come back and check out our website often and send us an e-mail with any questions as we move forward in this new and exciting adventure with these amazing breed of dogs. 


Pam Parker



[email protected]

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