Health Warranty and Sales Contract

Pet Dog health Warranty:

The purchaser is strongly advised to have puppy vet checked within 3 business days of collecting the puppy.  If the veterinarian certifies that there is a problem which makes the puppy unfit for sale, provided the puppy is returned in the same condition as when it was sold, full purchase price will be returned.  To claim a refund, a written statement of diagnosis including symptoms and details of diagnosis along with results of test supporting the diagnosis must be received by breeder by three days of diagnosis. The breeder may arrange a second diagnosis with no charge to buyer.  If buyer does not have dog examined within this time frame, the warranty becomes null and void.

 Dog Health Warranty

The 2 year warranty covers life-inhibiting genetic defects until 2 years of age. If during the first 2 years of the puppy/dogs life their is a life altering genetic defect, The puppy/dog is not require to be returned for the warranty to be exercised, although it is at the breeders discretion as to whether we offer 50% of the dogs value in monetary assistance or offer a replacement puppy.  Shipping fees will not be included. Warranty becomes null and void if puppy is overly exercised at a young age.  Buyer will provide accurate and complete health records of puppy.  This shall include records of all vaccinations and worming’s and any other relevant health information and conditions.

This warranty is non-transferable, if puppy is transferred to a third party, this warranty becomes null and void.

If this puppy ever becomes subject to any form of abuse, this warranty becomes null and void.

The buyer agrees to:

  1. This dog is a house dog and will not be kept outside.
  2. Provide human companionship
  3. Provide adequate training and mental stimulation
  4. Not ever sell the dog to a pet store, laboratory, puppy mill, Humane Society or Animal shelter.
  5. Secure the best veterinarian care and provide routine medical care and keep free of internal and external parasites.
  6. Attend to the physical and emotional needs of the puppy.
  7. Contact My Dream Doodles in the event you cannot keep the puppy in relation to rehoming.

   If requesting refund, Buyer must provide to Breeder all veterinary records of this puppy.  If any of the preventive care was not provided this health warranty shall be null and void.  Those cases of neglect, abuse, or obesity by buyer or any party in Buyer’s household or control) shall hereby cause the health warranty portion of this sales contract null and void.

Buyer is responsible for all veterinary care and is associated costs once puppy leaves breeder’s possession to go to Buyer’s home.

Buyer is responsible for all medical expenses that may be incurred on behalf of this puppy as of the date of delivery.  Buyer agrees to hold Breeder harmless from any damages (financial or personal) to property, other pets, or persons that may be caused by said puppy throughout the life of said puppy.

Buyer acknowledges that this written agreement constitutes the entire agreement regarding the health, either or all or written have been made regarding the puppy described above.

By affixing his/her signature below, Buyer understands and approves the provisions and terms stated herein and agrees thereto.



Breeder: Pamela Parker/My Dream Doodles                           [email protected]

916Meadowvale Rd., Tremont, NS, B0P1R0


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If this puppy ever becomes subject to any form of abuse, including being fed poor quality food, this warranty becomes null and void.