Care of a Goldendoodle

Your New Puppy

Your puppy will be ready to come home with you at 8 weeks of age.  He/She will be accustomed to eating a certain type of food and should remain on the same food until they are settled into his/her new home, this will make the adjustment much easier for him/her.

Being prepared with a crate, food dishes, food, harness, leash and toys will make the transition go smoother and more enjoyable for you and puppy.

When you get your new puppy home, remember he has just left everything he knows, so give him/her time to adjust and settle in, show him around his new home and his place to eat, sleep and where he is to eliminate.

Zoey+Cam= Moose

Quality food choices, Helpful charts and Training tools!

Blue buffalo cans
Blue Buffalo puppy

My Dogs Love Fruitable Treats

My Favorite training treats!

The kong is great to keep your puppy happy, fill it with peanut butter or raw hide sticks!
How to take care of your dogs teeth!
Crate for transport!
More teething toys!
This toy is soothing to a teething puppy!
I prefer a harness rather than a collar, it prevents pulling on their neck.
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